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indoor dog kennel, hedgehog dog toy

I love my dog and have always wanted to do things which would please my little Tommy. Very recently I pampered him with two things which he seems to love. Let me share them with you as well since everyone would always use ideas for your pet dogs too.

I got an indoor dog kennel.  While most people would think of getting an outdoor house for their pets, I would reemphasize the importance of an indoor one. I should not deny that neither did I know the benefits of the same when I got it, but am not experiencing the following:

  • Tommy has a place of his own at all times of the day. In fact like all others he is quite possessive about his things and thus this kennel has done him good.
  • With winter coming up, my heart does not allow that he would sleep in the freezing weather outside. Thus now with an indoor house, there are no such worries and he would be rather comfortable too
  • The materials that make this kennel are light and padded. Thus there are times when I go out and take the indoor kennel too. thus Tommy feels loved and rather wanted when I take him out with me often

I have stuffed the kennel with a blanket, toys and a cozy bed. So he absolutely loves it since he can have his own personal space in a rather comfortable way.

One of the toys which I got to pamper him includes the hedgehog dog toy. The more I say about the toy is also less, considering the amount of time my pet dog spends and plays with it. This plush toy is sturdy enough for chewing, tumbling and chasing. On the other hand it is still soft and cuddly for snuggling pleasure. It features surprising and fun noises such as grunts, squeaks and rattles.

Take these measures and your pet is sure to feel more and more special!

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