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Smart phones have become quite popular these days. Almost everyone seems to have one, as you can do pretty much anything with it. The one problem that all smartphones have is that they are quite fragile and getting a good case is a necessity. Here are my favorite smart phone cases:

Gresso Revolution for iPhone

The Gresso Revolution is a case for the latest iPhone 5. This case is all about protecting your iPhone from damage. This case is made entirely from solid titanium. This makes it scratch proof and incredibly strong. Sure it may be on the expensive side but if you are looking for a case which looks good and that can keep your iPhone protected then the Gresso Revolution would be your best bet.

Piel Frama iMagnum for the Galaxy 3

Alongside the iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been quite a popular phone. Like all smartphones the galaxy s3 is as fragile as they get. The Piel Frama iMagnum case would be a great option to keep your S3 protected. This case looks professional and will keep your S3 protected from scratches and mild impact. This leather case has a flap which will keep your screen protected as well. This Smartphone leather case fits perfectly on the Galaxy S3

Belkin Shield Matte for iPhone

If you are looking for a simple case which does its job of keeping your iPhone safe then the Belkin Shield Matte is your best option. This case is simple and strong and will keep your phone’s back protected from scratches and minor impact. The only drawback with this case would be that there is no protection to the front screen of it.

Hitcase for iPhone

If you are a fan of action cams then you should definitely get the iPhone hit case. This case wraps your phone around a tough shell keeping it protected from any kind of impact. This case also features a mount which can attach itself to your helmet, handle bars or seat posts.

Silicon cases

Silicon cases for the iPhone and Galaxy s3 are quite popular. The Galaxy s3 and iPhone silicone case come with all kinds of graphics. There are quite a few providers who offer custom graphics on it as well. These cases will protect your phone from scratches and minor impact. But if you are a person who tends to drop your phone a lot then you should stay away from this.

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