How to keep your home fur and feather free


double bird cage, pet covers for sofas


Do you own a pet bird? In that case you would be well aware how quickly the house can be filled with feathers. Not to mention if you have any other animal it can be easily filled with fur too. But there are certain methods which could be utilized such that you and your bird can both co-exist in a happy and clean environment. Some of them include the following tips.

·        Take a firm decision on which parts of the house you want to share with your bet.

·        I have bought a double bird cage for my parrots. This makes them sped a lot of time in that since there is immense amount of space in the cage itself. This ensures that the pet bird is happy since they have their own space as well and keeps them well behaved too.

·        If you are finicky like me, then it would be great to restrict your pet to its own bed and not your own!

·        A regular affair of grooming would be a good idea. Fur that is caught on the comb of a dog would be fur that would not be lining your couches and carpets.

·        It is important that pets get sufficient amount of exercise and that the owner spend quality time with them. This is essential since otherwise they get restless and start scratching and gnawing at other things.

·        While going through some stores, I realized that there were pet covers for sofa which were on offering too. Thus I instantly bought them to solve the never ending issue of having fathers all over my lovely couches. Now these sofas can be easily brushed and are very low in maintenance.

Another important thing with birds I realized is that they are very happier when they are placed outside. They have their freedom and tremendous amount of place too. This also ensures that they don’t leave the feathers all around as well.

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