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ceramic kitchen canister sets, matceramica venice cream coffee mugs

I love ceramic items in my kitchen. Not only are they durable, they are stylish and kind of rustic, which reminds me of the pies that granny used to make in them. Ceramics are not only restricted to the kitchen, but they are also usable on the dining table. In fact, I used a lot of ceramic kitchen canister sets to store and serve cookies, pickles or even dips and sauces.

Check out this Pamela Gladding designed kitchen canister set that doubles as tableware from leading manufacturer Certified International. It is functional and allows you to create a stylish table setting with coordinating kitchen accessories. The Firenze canister set can also be used as a countertop display.

The hand painted set has three pieces with 74-ounce, 106-ounce and 144-ounce capacity. Since it is dishwasher-safe, you don’t have worry about cleaning hassles also. And these are also a great housewarming gift! I prefer to get casserole and pudding dishes, which are of similar combination to create a sync. But you can also get them in contrasting colors.

Matceramica venice cream coffee mugs

Matceramica Venice cream coffee mugs are another favorite of mine. These are used for serving warm and cozy cups of coffee when my friends come over or when I simply want to snuggle up on the couch and read with a hot cuppa. I also use them to serve my special Irish coffees on poker nights.

Apart from these, I got these small ceramic custard cups that I use often to make caramel custard or flan. These are great for crème brulee and other similar desserts, because you can cook and serve in them!

Ceramics are an eco-friendly, durable and affordable option for the kitchen. You can get them in peppy and vibrant colors in contemporary designs or go for something elegant or even rustic, to suit your kitchen needs.

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