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game storage cabinet, 4.5 inch drawer pulls

It’s no secret from all my friends that I love playing video games. Some of my favorites are Zelda and Kirby and Nintendo is definitely one of my favorite game companies. And because I like video games so much I think it’s extremely important to keep all of my games and consoles organized. Everyone has their own system but the best thing to do is to keep it all in one place so you can find everything you need easily. Keep reading to see easy ways to organize all your games.

Press A to store

First, get yourself a game storage cabinet. This is honestly one of the best things that you can invest in as a gamer. You’ll be able to organize all your games by title, console, maybe even by company. This all depends on how you feel but it makes it easier for finding the game that you want and even easier access for when you’re putting away your games. What I love most about these guys is the fact that you most of the time have certain spaces to place your actual consoles. All you have to do is make sure all the wires are in place in the back and you’re set.

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One thing that you should definitely always think about when it comes to game storage is keeping everything in a cool place. Heat can destroy precious game disks and even DVDs.

One fun remedy that we suggest you use to make your storage even easier is by adding some 4.5 inch drawer pulls to any drawers you may have on your cabinet. They’re very easy to install and help you gain access to your belongings with ease.

So that’s it for my tips on how you can make storage super simple. What’s your favorite video game? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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