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Although Halloween intends to be a holiday that is fun for children, for the youngest of youngsters it can be a frightening time.  And, how can you blame them?  All of a sudden, they see cobwebs, skeletons, mummies, and menacing jack-0-lanterns hanging out on front porches everywhere they go.  

In order to ease a child in to this unique time of year, parents can make sure their children are exposed to some common Halloween hallmarks before the actual fright night.  That way, when they do see spooky decorations and people dressed up, they can remain undeterred.

Here are a few great ways to go about accomplishing this:

 Halloween Toys

Getting your child to play with a handful of Halloween toys is a wonderful way to expose them to the emblems commonly seen roaming around on October 31st.  Once they’re finished playing, have them clean up by gathering their Halloween toys into some paper Halloween treat bags – again the design on the bags exposes children to characters that they can get used to seeing.

Coloring Books

One of the best things to do in order to get children comfortable with the idea of Halloween is to give them a coloring back full of spiders, zombies, and Frankenstein pictures for them to doodle on.  Coloring pages Halloween-themed will give your child creative control over the very thing they may be afraid of, thus helping diminish his or her fear.

TV Shows

Another great way to get your son or daughter prepped for Halloween is to get them to watch marathon of shows and movies dedicated to this holiday.  They can be found on just about any channel at any time around this time of year so they should be easy to coordinate with a kid’s hectic schedule.

No need for children to fear, when Halloween is near.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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