Outfits for baby’s first snow trip


patagonia bunting, infant fleece jacket

Warm and comfortable clothing is a must for your baby when he’s out in the snow the very first time. Make sure his ears and head are well covered. Hats or knit caps, earmuffs, goggles, mittens, gloves, socks and insulated boots are absolutely necessary. You will also need a snow suit, bunting and a warm, soft jacket or sweater to keep baby warm in the snow. Take a look at some clothing that is just right for baby’s first snow trip:

Patagonia bunting

A bunting keeps baby warm and dry outdoors. The Patagonia Infant Synchilla bunting is warm and versatile. It’s made of soft, double-fleece that’s a blend of polyester and cotton. What’s convenient about a bunting is that it can be converted from a bag to legs with a zipper while in a car seat, bike or for use in a backpack. The hood opening has elasticized sides allow for a close, snug yet relaxed fit. The Patagonia bunting is convertible and has insulating hand covers that allow for full extension.

patagonia buntingInfant fleece jacket

If you’re planning on spending a significant amount of time outdoors in the snow, you will need waterproof clothing to keep baby dry. Go for a layered look so you can add or remove some clothes depending on the activity and cold. Add an infant fleece jacket like the Patagonia Baby Reversible Tribbles jacket. The hooded jacket is water-resistant with a recycled polyester shell. Check out infant fleece snowsuits or the Tartien Et Chocolat It fur snowsuit. It is a cozy footed tartan plaid snowsuit in channel quilted microfiber. It is water-resistant with a fleece lined hood and long sleeves.

Hats or knit caps

Keeping a baby’s head protected from the cold is crucial. Protecting baby’s head helps in maintaining even body temperature. You can choose from a cap type hat, a knit cap that covers the ears or a wide-brim hat. It doesn’t have to be too heavy or too light. Use a mid-weight knit cap like the Boston Red Sox blue beanie or cuffed knit caps to  keep baby’s head warm.

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