How to make a princess fish tank


pink fish tank, 29 gallon fish tank stand

Well yet it was another project for me to complete in a short span of time. I wanted to gift my daughter something that was exquisite and something she would have never dreamt of. Well, she always wanted an aquarium, so that was my agenda. However I wanted to make it really special so that she would never forget it ever.

The gift for my darling daughter Liz was a princess fish tank. It was no surprise that like all girls she loved castles and princesses. So I started on how I could do it!

First I decided on the glass type and thickness. I decided the easiest thing to get a princess theme was by using a pink fish tank. Along with that the above the following thoughts came to my mind:

  • I wanted to put it on her room, so a small tank was what I chose. I thought a 29 fish gallon tank stand along with it. In this way she could enjoy the decorations at all times
  • The nitrogen cycle and silicone were the next two technical details that I needed to look into
  • I also took help of the aquarium starter kits that were available in plenty. They had all the basic food and decorations which a regular tank would need. However I needed to add some more to create the princess theme
  • I thought of using pink colored sand and gravel along with a range of multi colored rock formations. Did you know you could get glass rocks too? I also created a castle of some sort and put it in the middle of the tanks. Another interesting thing which I did was to bring fairy tale characters to life. Thus I placed a fairy god mother , a horse-drawn carriage figurine and a prince too in the aquarium.
  • Finally I put fish which were low maintenance and also got along with each other

Now the tank is finally made after 3 weeks of hard work. My daughter’s birthday is in a week and I am dying to see her reaction!

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