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When I was a girl jewelry wasn’t always something that I wore unless it was special. If it was a present from someone or if it was something I absolutely loved then I never took it off. That’s why giving a girl that you know a piece of jewelry that’s special, she’ll recognize that and love it. Here’s a few ideas on what you can present your little princess the next time you’re gift searching.

I hear that becoming a grandparent can be a thrilling experience. It’s no secret that children almost always love their grandmas and grandpas the world over. We always love the idea of fostering that relationship so what better way to express your feelings towards your grandchild than to give her granddaughter necklaces. It shows your strong bond between the two of you and she’ll be sure to cherish it for years to come. But why make this something that you only give to a child? A grandma can give this to their granddaughter at any age and it’ll still be just as valued, if not more so.

One present that might best be saved for a little one is to consider some of her favorite things. I always loved anything Disney when I was a little girl so no matter what it was I would wear it. The same could be said of Charlie Brown. So something I would love to give to my own granddaughter someday is a Snoopy wrist watch. I can already hear the iconic piano music from Vince Guaraldi himself.

What’s so wonderful about these gifts is how they form a close bond members of your family. I love showing off different pieces of jewelry that I’ve received either from my mother or my boyfriend. So if you want to make your next birthday or holiday season extra special, think about picking up either one of these great gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.

What have you ever given your grandchild? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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