A few tools to keep handy


self adhesive measuring tape, rake and shovel holder

A hands-on person who’s used to big and small DIY’s around the house will know what exactly he needs by way of tools. But not all of us come accomplished with those skills. But even so, we all need some tools around the house to carry out a few simple tasks. Take a look at some tools that you may want to keep in your house:

Self adhesive measuring tape

Whenever you need some quick measurements, think of a measure tape. You can apply a self adhesive measure tape to a work table top, planer, router table or a saw station to make your jobs easier. They adhesive tape reads left to right like the Starrett Measure Stix. It can be cut to custom lengths with a pair of strong scissors.

Leatherman super tool

This is a great every day tool that is handy to have around when you’re too far away to reach for the tool box. It includes pliers, replaceable wire cutters and hard-wire cutters, clip point knife and serrated knife, wood and metal file, bottle and can opener, wood saw, screwdrivers and a host of other tools.

Cordless power drill

A drill is absolutely necessary for some jobs. A multi-speed, cordless power drill with variable speed and reverse with electric brake and a rubberized grip is invaluable around the house. The Cordless power drill 19.2v model has a rechargeable battery and bubble level for accurate drilling.

self adhesive measuring tapeRake and shovel holder

A Trademark Tools Universal utility tool holder can help you put away your tools neatly. You can maintain a neat garage, home, shed or work place by putting away rakes, brooms, shovels and others. It’s space saving as it can be attached to the wall.

No mess Plunger

It’s a must have around the house to unclog blocked sinks and pipes. With the No Mess plunger, you don’t have to even touch the plunger or the dirty water. It plunges with 25 times more volume than a regular plunger. It’s simple and easy to use and works without a mess. You can store it away discreetly too.

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