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alcohol free mousse, natural hair relaxer

Frizzy and untamed hair can be real problems when you to dress up in a jiffy or head out for a date post work. Honestly, back combing is really not fun on days when you want to let your hair down and party. But you have the option of using natural and chemical free products, which are a great way to relax really frizzy hair. Using things that are natural tend to be better when it comes to hair care because the hair will react to it better.

Basically, there are some chemicals in all cosmetic products. But by opting for natural ones, you are reducing the harmful ones and ensuring that you treat your hair gently. Remember, like your body even your hair needs some relaxation. Here are a couple of products, which will help you in the process-

1. Alcohol free mousse

Add some volume to your hair without making it to limp. Nexxus alcohol free mousse comes in a one 10.6-ounce foam styler bottle. The alcohol free formula blends instantly into the hair and gives hair a smooth natural feel. You get unlimited options for creating volume without flaking or buildup along with incredible body and fullness with a spectacular shine.

2. Natural hair relaxer

Natural hair relaxers from Paul Mitchell are perfect for your hair. It is made from natural ingredients, which helps to combat frizz and also provides smoothness along with shine.

Some other tips for relaxing your hair are-

  • Opt for a regular hair massage or deep conditioning treatment. It will nourish and relax the scalp along with the hair shaft.
  • Don’t overdo with styling products. Let your hair be free for a while too.
  • When styling don’t overheat the dryer or straightener. Low condition heating will ensure hair protection in the long run, without compromising on style.

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