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small sheer tops for women, silk turtleneck


It is a myth that a woman cannot look classy and sexy at the same time. If someone ever told you that, you must remind of sheer tops. It is end of September and possibly the end of midriff baring tops. It does not mean that you need to put them back in the storage. The case in point here is sheer tops.

There might have been plenty of times when you might have questioned buying a top since it is see through. But, interestingly there are a plethora of ways in which you can wear small sheer tops for women without feeling over exposed. I would like to call it a bit of ‘sheer brilliance’.

What about getting a cream tank top or a cream one to reduce the transparency? In fact you could opt for a nude colored tank or nude slip dress also if need be. A sleeveless camisole is supposed to hint at sexiness without making it looking over exposing.

You could look cool wearing a printed sheer top as well. It looks rather dainty and delicate. Recently I wore a silk silk turtleneckturtleneck for an office party and had several heads turning to check out my delicate and classy appearance. So similarly combine sheer top with nice fitting pants or a skirt and you sure can be the center of attention with your style and chicness. What about wearing different colors shirts underneath a sheer top for variety as well?

You must remember that sheer tops aren’t the best to protect you against the cold. However layering it with a gauzy and light weight merino wool cardigan can make you looking stunning. It is the perfect outfit for fall. Even at other time the tremendous comfort and non- bulky nature of a sheer top is a reason why I am extremely attracted to the material.

No more coveting the gorgeous sheer dress or shirt you might be coveting.

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