How to keep your couches clean


upholstery cleaning machine, paisley slipcover for sofa

We do not own the best couch in the world. We had bought it on a starter budget for a couple of years. While for couple of months it was pristine, but then we got our pup and he started jumping on the sofa especially when we were not home. In fact not to forget I also have a toddler at home who also adds to the mess. Thus with a combination of the two there are random liquid stains and other foreign materials on the couch on several occasions. After reading and talking to people I finally found some constructive ways in which the couches could be kept clean and in shape: 

  • Regular cleaning is a must. I realized that a weekly cleaning of the place is the best way to keep the accumulation of dust and dirt. What about you trying our hand at steam cleaning?
  • Did you know you could get a carpet attachment as well which could catch the hair of my pup before it indulged into vacuum cleaning
  • One of the best gifts was to have an upholstery cleaning machine. Apart from loosening the dirt and dust, it takes out all the stubborn stains with ease too. The cleaning is so beneficial that it retains the shine of the material as well maintaining its longevity of the same. There is no usage of harmful chemicals that would affect my son jumping around or even any of us when we are lounging around.
  • My sister is full of ideas and she used a smart and elegant paisley slipcover for sofa. She removes it when guests come over to show off her set of off white and khakhi sofas!

Get going and use any of these tips to have a spanking set of couches!

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