How to watch your favorite show without disturbing anyone


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Watching your favorite TV shows, movies or sports during late hours can be tricky if you have house mates or family members sleeping. This is usually a problem in case you have something important to watch at night. Here are a few things you could get so you can watch your favorite TV show without disturbing anyone.

Wireless headphones for your TV are a great way to watch your favorite TV shows at night without disturbing anyone. There are quite a few good TV headphones available these days. Most of the wireless TV headphones available usually run on radio frequency. This gives them a lot of range. Among the head phones which would be great to connect to your TV the Sennheiser RS 120 would be perfect.

They are quite similar to the vivid TV audio ear phone. The RS 120 comes with a radio transmitter which needs to be connected to your TV while you can relax wearing your headphones from a distance. The connection to your TV is via a 3.5 mm jack which is present in most Magnavox TVS or any TV for that matter.

These headphones have a wireless range of 100 feet so you shouldn’t have any problems. The RS 120 also feature wireless charging as you just need to place them on the radio transmitter and they begin charging. The rechargeable batteries provided offer an 18 hour charge life which is quite good. Overall they are great headphones for using with your TV.

The next best option you have is to get yourself a portable DVD player. This way you can download your favorite movies and TV shows and watch them in your room without disturbing anyone. Among the portable DVD players the ones from Philips are quite good. The Philips PD7030 is a 7 inch DVD player which would be a great option. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 so you have that wide-screen effect.

If you aren’t satisfied with a portable DVD player and you have the extra money to blow up then a tablet would be the way to go. Among the tablets out there the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the  upcoming Microsoft Surface tablets would be your best option.

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