How to give Mr. Whiskers the devotion he deserves


whisker city cat dish, cat tents

Cats tend to have the idea that we should be at their very beck and call. But honestly, I believe that we should be at their beck and call because while dogs are our friends, cats demand to be worshipped. Well, the Egyptians had it right when they say that they were gods and that we need to treat them with respect by giving them what they need like the bowls and tents.

Remember that song from Spin Doctors ‘My girlfriend’s cat is smarter than me’. Well I do think that my kitty comes from the royal lineage of Cleopatra’s cat ‘Tivali’s’ family too! Believe it or not, she loves bubble baths, especially rose flavors. And then she comes out of the little pool-tub and stretches her leg and waits for me to pat-dry her… Sigh, the time of the slaves is back!

But jokes apart, here are a few things you can get to give your kitty that god-like treatment-

1. Whisker city cat dish

This dish is perfect to make meals more festive. The colorful and decorative dish from Whisker City adds a little life to your cat’s mealtime. It is creatively covered with nicknames and feline phrases like “Furball,” “Tuna Breath” and “Purrfect.” The best part is that it is durable and dishwasher safe too.

2. Cat tents

Keep your pet protected with cat tents. These tents come in a feasible length and are foldable too. You can now take your kitty along with you on trips or leave her in the backyard, without worrying about the neighborhood dog chasing her (though here my kitty gives the dogs a chase). Also, this gives them a little ‘me’ time, especially if you have other pets in the house.

And with all this devotion, I am sure you will be showered with the blessings of Mr. Whiskers through all 9 lives!

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