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Running shoes are definitely the most important thing to a runner. Now the question arises, as to whether they should be ASICS, FILA or Adidas running shoes ? Well, they become the second point! The reason is simple. The first point is finding a pair of shoes that gives you a great running experience each time you do so. Read on to find out some helpful tips for your running shoes.

Make it a point that you visit a specialty running store to get the right assistance. This is an important buy, therefore getting an expert advise from  the salesperson out there will help you in taking the right decision.
You will see that a salesperson would do a couple of things to determine your foot type. This is where he/she plays the key role. They will tell you about your foot type and you will know if you have normal arches, high arches or a flat foot. In fact if you take your old running shoes along, the wear patterns on it will also help with your shoe selection.
After this, the sales person will measure your foot size. Make sure to stand up while doing so. Your running shoes will be slightly bigger (½ – 1 size) than your regular street shoes. See that there is plenty of room in the toe box so that it remains comfy through out your running session. Another one point, do not forget your socks as this can make a difference to help you pick the right shoe size.
Once the salesperson has suggested the right kind of shoe pair for you, try them out. These days a treadmill is kept in quite many running stores. So you can actually wear and check out if you can run comfortably.
Great pair of shoes come with great accessories as well. For example, Adidas Predator is the most deadly cleat that comes with extra sockliner, shoe bag and even extra Adidas shoe laces. Well, sky is the limit. All you need to do is know your foot type and hit the pitch!

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