How to regulate the temperature in your bedroom


bedroom ceiling fans, portable electric heater

It’s easy to regulate the temperature in your bedroom with the right tools. Ideally, you want to be warm during winters and cool during summers. Having the right ceiling fans and heaters in the room can help you get the balance right. Take a look here at some of them to help you do that:

Bedroom ceiling fans

Fan blades rotate to distribute air throughout a room. That’s why when you use it with an air-conditioner you can reduce energy costs as you don’t have to keep the air conditioning on for long. Ceiling fans are also way more cost-effective and energy efficient compared to air conditioners. If you have a big bedroom, installing more than one fan can help you spread cool breeze all over the room and still keep energy costs down.

Ceiling fans like the decorative Emerson Marquette bedroom ceiling fan is ideal in places where it’s hot during the day and gets considerably cooler in the nights. The rubbed bronze fan comes with illumination to light up your tasks in the evening. You can adjust the direction of the fan according to season too. During summers, you can get it to rotate in the anti-clockwise direction so that it spreads cool air. During winters, all you have to do is reverse the fan’s direction clockwise to bring in warm air from the ceiling into the room by just adjusting the thermostat.

A 32” Pine Harbor ceiling fan is a very functional and decorative fixture for small bedrooms with low ceilings. It is ideal for circulating cool breeze with its 5 blades spanning 32’. You can control the speed when you want just a light breeze as you control the speed with the pull chain.

Portable electric heater

When the weather turns really cool, it’s time to switch on the electric heaters. Portable electric heaters are convenient as they can be dragged to wherever you’re sitting. A Sunheat Infrared portable electric heater is more than adequate to heat up areas up to 1000 square feet. This dent and stain-resistant Sunheat infrared heater provides safe and soft warmth to any area of your home. It’s safe around children and pets and is environment-friendly.

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