The best ways to treat color treated hair


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If you have color treated hair, then you need to be careful about hair damage and also implement tips to make the hair color last longer. Color treated hair is prone to damage because of the use of harsh chemicals. So, get a shampoo that is especially formulated for color treated hair. Here are some tips to make sure your color and sheen last longer.

Wash your hair less

The less you wash your hair, the more the color will last. But don’t leave the hair dirty. Make sure you apply a conditioner post the wash. For oily hair, pick a tea tree shampoo that helps to get rid of the oil residues, without causing any damage. These natural shampoos are mild on the hair, while being firm on dirt and residue.

Tea tree shampoos from Fantasia penetrate and deep clean dry, flaky, hair and scalp. They revitalize body and shine while unclogging pores. It also enhances circulation and promotes hair growth. The natural vitamins and botanicals smooth dry ends.

Pick a conditioner and shampoo for colored hair

Shampoos for color treated hair are available in both natural and chemical bases. In fact, many of them are specially formulated to enhance particular hair colors like blonde, burgundy, etc. Check out this Mastey sulfate-free shampoo that adds superb shine and manageability. It is ideal for tinted or bleached hair as it helps in controlling excess sebum.

The shampoo doesn’t contain any ammonium or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates but is enriched in nutrients to treat colored hair. You can get conditioners to suit your hair type too. These are available in masque forms, which you have to wash off, or in serum forms that you can apply and leave on.

Also, be gentle when combing or drying your hair. The lesser hair you break, the longer your color will last!

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