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Baby dolls can be great birthday or baby shower presents. You can pick an affordable baby doll for your baby as well. Dolls can entertain babies and educate kids. You can instill compassion and various other values in your kids with some real like baby dolls. Anatomically correct dolls can teach your child about the difference between boys and girls. You can help them learn appropriate names of various body parts. Here are some cheap baby dolls you can go for.

  • New born baby doll from Little Dreams

Perfect for any baby or kid, this is a cute new-born baby doll having an adorable face. This is a huggable doll which comforts babies while they are sleeping at night or taking a nap in the day. You can prepare your kids for a new-born baby with the help of this doll.

  • Baby Bella baby doll

This 12 inch doll from Dream Collection comes with a magnetic pacifier and a magic bottle. It has a soft filled body. It has a cute face with sleeping eyes. You can pick this doll if you want to train your kids for a new-born baby. It can help you have a lot of fun with your kids. You can play with them and teach them about how to care for a baby.

  • Hasbro Baby Alive doll

Perfect for little mommies, this doll makes cute sounds and realistic moments. It comes with a dress, a bib, a bowl, a spoon, a bottle, 2 diapers and 2 doll food packets. You can encourage your kids to prepare snacks for this doll. You can also let them change its diapers. This way, you can have a great time playing with your little girl. Your little girls can put this doll down for a nap just like you put your kids to sleep. All these activities amuse your kids and help them learn a lot of things about family bonds.

  • Baby Alive crib life friendship dolls by FireflyBuys

Appropriate for kids who are 5 years old or above, these crib life dolls come with cute outfits, charms, online codes and mini books. They like playing music and napping. Their charms have unique codes which give you access to Crib Life characters in their online world. These dolls have colorful one piece ribbons in their hair.

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