Clothes that any punk rock chick would love


Houndstooth jacket for women, machine jeans


There is no right or wrong way for a punk rock girl to dress. Punk has always been doing your own thing than conforming to a fad or adhering to something which is popular; do your own thing, indulge in it, and and stay true to it. Despite this, there are several attires, fashion accessories and hair styles that most punk rock chicks love.

Thrift and vintage clothing stores are great places to scour for your individual style, but that also takes time. Spiked collars, leather jackets and band t-shirts are some of the pieces of clothing that apply. One of the most classic ones I found was a Houndstooth jacket for women and machine wash jeans when I was shopping for the punk look.

The other option, which was interesting to wear, torn fishnet stockings with a plaid mini skirt. What about combining it with don striped knee socks over fishnets and stepping into a pair of chunky utility boots? The ideal way to complete it would be a band t-shirt and a black leather jacket!

Don’t forget the accessories after having chosen your punk clothing:

  • A studded wrist band would add just the right touch to the costume
  • Spiked collars and studded belts look funky too
  • What about chain necklaces?
  • Did you think of star studded fingerless gloves for a cool look
  • A funky punk rock wig could add tremendous character to your entire look The best look would be to use a hair gel and hair spray to create a Mohawk. Spray your Mohawk in a temporary hair color such as blue, red or green
  • Get stick-on jewelry studs from a costume jewelry or dollar store. Wear the studs on your eyebrow, nose and lip.

Get going! Be a punk rock chic who is a fashionably rebellious gal and not afraid to break or step outside of the conventional wardrobe mold.

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