Make bedtime fun with Cookie Monster Pajama’s


Cookie Monster Pajama's

Okay, its 8:00 p.m. They’ve had their bath and are wrapped up nice and snug in a towel. And here it is the dreaded bed time round-up. They know its coming, you know it’s coming, but still they will force you to chase them around the house as they toddle away from you as fast as their little legs can carry them. You’re bigger than them and still they get past you, you’re the parent for Pete’s sake and you can never catch them. Now it’s 8:30 p.m. and you are literally begging them to put on their pj’s and get into bed, please.

Bed time can be quite a hassle for any parent, trying to wrangle your little one as they run around the house begging to do anything but go to bed shouldn’t be you’re nightly routine. What parent hasn’t heard the “Please just five more minutes!!!” routine from their toddler who’s going to fall asleep the second you agree to this anyway?

I can’t promise that your little one will drift off like an angel right away, but these Cookie Monster Pajama’s should help to make bed time less like a gunfight at the OK corral.

In fact, you’re little one (boy or girl) can drift off to dream land with any of the Sesame Street Characters.

Sleepy time on Sesame Street:

Sesame Street Pajama’s Set – Toddler: He’ll be begging for bedtime just be to able to put on this soft durable pj set. Your little man will have a blast with all his Sesame Street friends including the Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch! And for only $14.99 you can afford to buy him a few pairs.

Sesame Street Elmo Toddler Girls 4-Piece Pajama Set: Your little girl will have no problem with bedtime once she see’s that she gets to spend even more time with Elmo! These breathable, soft pj’s come in both pink and red, and for only $19.99 maybe you can buy here that Elmo doll.

Good luck partner! If you’re little one wears Cookie Monster pj’s or any of the other Sesame Street character themed pj’s let us know much they love them with comments and pictures below!

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