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decorative wire baskets, decorative paper towel holder

Often I get confused about picking household items. Should I get something that is decorative or something that is functional? But how about something that serves both these purposes! Yes there are plenty of decorative household items out there that are functional too. But before you pick up your wallet and run to the home-mall, here are a few things that you should consider-

  • Understand items that serve a dual purpose. Sometimes, we get lured into buying things that we think will double as a functional item, but it doesn’t. This way you will only add to clutter.
  • Work out the things that you already own and what you may need. Do you really need two of those silver ice buckets that doubles as decorative pieces
  • Consider newer possibilities. For instance, lay out that china set on the dining table only if you don’t have kids in the house. Else, it is safely locked in the attic till they grow up. Believe me, you don’t want to leave a bull in a china shop

Now that you have some sensible ideas worked up already, let me share a couple of mine with you too-

1. Decorative wire baskets

I got this 13″ square, black wire basket from the Mediterranean Collection, which features handles for easier portability. It is powder coated for a durable finish and works great from the buffet to the tabletop. The black square metal wire basket comes with a classic wrought-iron design that adds trendy versatility for any application. You can use it for serving, decorating and even for picking up tidbits from the table.

2. Decorative paper towel holder

Paper towel holders are always perceived from the functional point of view. But if you get something fancier, then it adds to the aesthetic value, without taking space. It is great for the kitchen, but you can get it out for cleaning the table in front of guests instead of shoddy plastic ones.

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