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Denby Stoneware

Are you someone who’s looking to upgrade their dishware to something better? Did you just graduate college or are you leaving that period of post-grad life and are now looking to have something classy and lasting instead of the cheap stuff that you through college?

Well now you can, with all these amazing holiday sales and Black Friday getting closer and closer now’s the time to upgrade. Yes, that dream of having matching plates, bowls, and serving platters can come true, with Denby Stoneware.

Why choose Denby Stoneware?

Denby has been making dishware for over 200 years, that’s a lot of plates. Denby Stoneware is made for real families eating real food. Their plates have a gravy/sauce ridge for less spilling, their saucers were tested to hold biscuits not just teacups. Stoneware dishware is more sturdy and durable than other dishware, but with Denby Stoneware you don’t have to sacrifice durability for style.

Their products also meet all FDA standards, have no extra lead added to them during manufacturing, and they’ll even contact you 12 months in advance if they’re going to discontinue the pattern you bought saving you from incomplete and mismatched dinnerware sets.

Stoneware for every taste

Denby Stoneware also has a multitude of colors of patterns for you to choose from whatever your tastes. They also have large and small dishware sets so you can choose how many table settings you need and don’t have extras you don’t.

If you like simple dishware sets try their Halo collection, with its three-toned color scheme of black, white and grey it’s sure to please. If you like designs that are more intricate try their Cosmic collection, that blends cream colored china with bohemian inspired paisley designs. They also have sets that made form bone china, if that’s more your taste.

With styles, colors, patterns, and place settings for every taste there’s no reason not to love Denby Stoneware. If you have a dishware set from Denby comment below and tell us how much you love it.

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