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dish chair, bed risers

A lot of thought and detail goes into decorating small spaces. Whether it’s a dorm room, a studio apartment, or any type of small room, it takes careful planning to figure out how you want to best use the space so that it’s functional and looks good at the same time. Here are some reasonably priced ideas that we’ve compiled to help make that planning a bit easier

  • Dish chair: this circular chair fits perfectly into a corner. And unlike other chairs with a straight line back, the circular shape of this chair won’t make you lose any extra space; even that corner space is vital to ensuring that every part of the room is used. They sometimes also come with a fold-able feature, which makes it easy to put away and store if you ever need to move your furniture around or use that corner space for something else. The shape and cushion of these chairs makes them extremely comfortable to curl up and sink into.
  • Bed risers: Although these tend to be thought of mainly for dorm room use, they also work great for other small rooms. When there isn’t a lot of floor space, the most logical direction is to go up. Utilizing the space underneath your bed works great for extra storage. Using shallow sliding plastic bins under the bed makes the space function a closet as well for sweaters or shoes. Putting a dust ruffle on your bed will also cover up anything you don’t want guests to see under your bed.
  • Keep colors simple & hang mirrors: Limit your color choice to 2 or 3 complimenting colors. Too many colors and patterns will make the room appear busy and overcrowded. Choose 3 colors, like a light yellow, teal, and white for a clean look. You can break up these colors throughout your furniture, bedding accessories, and decorations. Also mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space, so do not be afraid to use the walls to hang a mirror or two and then maybe have a full length one hanging on the back of your door.

Most importantly, keep it all simple. Too much decorating and furniture will not allow you to use the space efficiently.

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