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Beer tastes better out of a glass than it does out of a solo cup, it’s all time we grow up and admit that. Now that were at least in our 20’s its time to purchase some beverage appropriate glassware. No more drinking wine out of juice glasses, beer out of plastic cups, and no more screw drivers in our coffee mugs. We’re adults, let’s drink like it!

Beers have their own glasses

I didn’t even know this until I befriended a local bartender but certain beers have glasses made just for them. These magical vessels can actually enhance the taste of your brew. The first thing you need to do pick your beer and then it’s off to shoo for some beer glasses!

Weizenbier glass: These glasses were made for your wheat and Hefewizen beers such as Blue Moon, Shock Top, Widmer, and Gordon Biersch. These glasses are thinner at the bottom (this traps the yeast keeping the beer balanced) and then widen at the top providing room for the fluffy white head that holds most of the beers’ aroma.

The American Pint glass: These are the most common of all beer glasses in the U.S. They hold either 16 or 20 ounces of beer, and are best used for lager style beers such as Guinness, Heineken, and Budweiser.

Pilsner glass:  These are tall tapered glasses that are made to showcase the beers color, clarity, and maintain a nice head. They come in a variety of sizes, but many hold about a pint of beer such as a Miller, Peroni, or Nile.

Upgrade from the solo cup

There’s nothing wrong with good solo cup but they have their time and place, in your kitchen for your every day beer drinking uses is not one of them. Save your solo’s for parties, the outdoors, bbq’s, the beach…are you catching my drift?

You can get your drinking glass sets in more than just glass. Sets can come in glass, acrylic, insulated plastic or insulated acrylic to name a few. Insulated are great if you like to leave your glasses in the freezer because they have a gel in them that freezes to keep them cold longer, but you can also store your glass beer glasses in the freezer too. Whatever drinking glass set you get, just make sure to make them personal.

Make it Personal

You can get your beer glasses personalized by having them engraved or etched; this would make a great gift for any man in your life. You can buy drinking glass sets that pay homage to like 90% of your hobbies: professional or college sports, movies, music, political themes, jokes, the list is really endless. If there’s a joke about it, there’s a glass for it, you just have to look hard enough.

Now take your beer, grab one of your shiny new beer glasses and enjoy!

Beer Glasses

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