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It’s sometimes difficult to know what to do with your jewelry when you’re not wearing it. You want it to be easily accessible and organized so you’re not left untangling all of your necklaces every time you want to wear one. It is also important to note that jewelry is a work of art; therefore it seems fitting that you should be able to display that work of art in a functional way. Here are some ideas for how to display your favorite jewelry so it looks nice and is easy to access.

The earring holder is a great way to showcase all of your earrings; from studs, to hoops, to dangle earrings. There are plenty of DIY ideas to making your own earring holder, but our favorite, and probably the easiest to do, is the picture frame technique. All you need is a cute picture frame, some pliable wire mesh netting, a staple gun, and some scissors.

  • Once you have all of your supplies you just remove the glass from the frame and then measure the mesh to fit in its place.
  • Then cut off the excess and using your staple gun, staple the netting to the back of the frame. You can also do this with ribbon or lace.
  • Once you have everything in place you can start putting your earrings through and enjoy your own homemade holder.

If DIY or craft projects aren’t your favorite, there are other options you can buy that look really nice. With this wall-mounted vintage pewter jewelry holder, you can hang your earrings as well as your necklaces and bracelets. Jewelry tree holders are also great ways to hold all of your different types of jewelry. The best part is that it is a creative way to decorate your room that also functions as a way to keep your jewelry organized while looking stylish.

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