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When you are heading out for a vacation, there are always some last minute things to be added to your list, such as socks, or a pair of extra shoes, or maybe you finally decided that you choose between your 2 favorite maxi dresses. But along with these, you should always carry some bath and beauty essentials with you. You really don’t want to risk experimenting with new products and have an allergic reaction!

Gillette sensor blades top my list because you really don’t want to end up looking like Tom Hanks from the movie Castaway during your vacation! A neat shaven look is always in. Take a cue from Adrian Brody, Gael García Bernal, and André 3000, these versatile  blades give you room to experiment and stylize. Be it a suave goatee or eve a French beard, you can try out something new for your vacation.

Some other essentials for your vacation packing can include

  • A kit to hold with your creams, shampoos, sunscreens and other similar basics all in one place. These are vital whether you are off to a tropical vacation or even snow skiing. Of course, the choice of creams would vary. Don’t forget that aftershave or cologne. And be mindful of the TSA restrictions.
  • For women, vanity kits are a must have. But if you want to avoid extra luggage, pack up the makeup essentials in a fold-able bag. These should include a basic kohl pencil or liner, a blush on that doubles as an eye shadow and your favorite lipsticks – one for daytime use and the other for an evening out like a rouge lipstick.
  • Do carry your makeup remover or makeup wipes. These are really useful for tropical and humid regions because you need to constantly wipe your face to get rid of that excess oiliness.

Each individual’s essentials list will vary depending on where your vacation takes you, to the sandy beach, the snow-capped mountains, or somewhere in between. Remembering these must-have items will help to ensure that you enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

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