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The season that we all look forward to is soon going to be here. Yes, the holiday season, where we give and receive. My list is already a mile long. And I’ve made dropped pointed suggestions/hints to family and friends! No subtlety there. I love everything about the holidays, the whole process of walking from shop to shop and looking for the perfect gift for my loved ones, the everything all lit up, the whole shebang! And to make this season a fun one, especially for the men in our lives, look at some fun gift tips for women here.

We women can always do with more clothes. And it is the season for parties, after all. I could do with figure-hugging Jessica Howard petite dresses like a matte jersey dress that shows me off flatteringly. Most men I know are at a loss when it comes to the right gift. So why not drop heavy hints when they’re around? I mean, it is romantic when the man of your dreams gifts you this perfect dress. But imagine how crestfallen he will be if you don’t like the dress or it’s just not you or if the fit is poor.

One good idea for men out there is to organize a surprise shopping expedition. This way you can gift the woman in your life something you know she really likes.

For some more useful thoughts and gift tips for women in your life like your mother, girlfriend, sister, grandmother – what you need is the right approach. Understand the woman and her personality. Put yourself in her shoes (easier said than done!) and find out what her interests are. Gift options are endless. Think handbags, jewelry, clothes, wines, chocolates, gift vouchers, footwear, perfumes, sports memorabilia, tickets to her favorite opera – the list is endless.


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