Fun ways that the 80’s is coming back in style


leg warmers, lightweight hoodie

Thinking of 80’s fashion sense brings images of shoulder pads, leg warmers, miniskirts and big loose tops off the shoulder to mind. Miniskirts never did fade out completely and loose tops have made way for structured, silhouette-defining garments. Shoulder pads have been done away with to give way to a more feminine, softer drape, thankfully. But leg warmers are making a comeback, and in different colors to make for a lively winter. Let’s take a look at some styles:

Leg warmers

In the 80’s, leg warmers became popular when fitness started becoming a trend. Remember the Jane Fonda videos? Leg warmers were also used by dancers to keep their legs warm. They slowly became fashionable and were worn with tight pants, miniskirts and neon colored tops and sweaters. Their comeback is marked by the colorful trend this winter season. They’re now embellished with rhinestones and metal chains and accessories and are great for layering.

Betseyville Pom Pom Leg Warmers for women are made out of acrylic. They’re fun to wear, keep your legs warm this winter and are available in black and grey. Red & Silver leg warmers are functional and fashionable. They have silver highlights within the red stretch fabric. They look superb and you can wear them instead of knee high stockings.

Wear your legwarmers with skinny jeans and boots for an edgy look this winter. Wear them with dresses and skirts on top of colorful or nude leggings. Check out legwarmers for heels that have a cut at the bottom to turn your summer pumps into chic, European styled boots.

leg warmersLightweight hoodie

Wear skinny jeans, leg warmers and a snug hoodie. Women’s lightweight hoodies like the Element Magnolia hooded shirt has long sleeves. Use it for a layered, winter look.  Or go for a functional women’s WM wool hoodie. It has thumbhole cuffs to keep your cuffs in place when you’re layering and a dropped tail that remains tucked in. It’s made out of practical wool-jersey fabric and can be tossed into a washing machine to clean.


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