Why my Human should buy a furniture cover


Furniture cover for pets

Dear Human,

I love you. I love sitting with you and snuggling with you, especially when you pet me. I love the couch too, it’s comfy, and it always looks more fun than my dog bed. You, however, don’t seem so thrilled when I sit on the couch with you because I shed or drool or both all over our couch. But human, I think I know how we can both win; you can buy a something to cover up the couch and my favorite chair so that I don’t ruin them. Human, let’s go by a furniture cover for pets.

Let’s be real here, I’m going to sit on them when you’re not home anyway. And this way, if you buy a furniture cover I won’t hurt anything. You can buy a throw that just lays on the couch or even fitted slip covers for our favorite chair, that way you can take them off when you invite more humans over and I have to hang out in the laundry room. These covers come in all sorts of nice fabrics and colors that way you’ll like sitting on them with me. Also, these furniture covers are machine washable, so you can wash away my hair, drool, mud, and sometimes my accidents really easily.

Here are some pet furniture covers that I think you’ll like:

Sure Fit Soft Faux-Suede Furniture Friend Pet Throw-Chair: Human you’ll love this to cover up our favorite over-sized chair. This machine washable cover covers not only the seat but the back and the arms from my hair and drool, and it won’t fall apart if I scratch it because it’s made from polyester. This can keep us both happy for $22.77

Improvements Microfiber Sofa Furniture Protector: I think you’ll like this $39.99 couch protecting throw because it covers the back and the arms of the couch as well. It’s comes in four colors, is machine washable and even has a water repellent finish to ward off stains of any kind.

Orvis Improved Furniture Protector: This will make us both happy. This furniture protector has a grippy bottom that will hold onto the couch even if I move around. It also has a plush quilted microfiber top that’s cozy for me but won’t attract my dog hair. The pet furniture protect is waterproof and machine washable. For only $59.00 we can snuggle every night!

Okay human, take us to the store now so we can get a furniture cover for pets.
Woof Woof!

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