How to set up your children’s bedroom


giraffe comforter, corner beds

Make the most of the space available in your child’s bedroom. Bunk beds have always been around and look awesome in a child’s bedroom. And they do a wonderful job when you have space constraints. But what are trending now are corner beds. Take a look at why they have a lot going for them:

As children grow up, their needs get bigger. They have more possessions and that means they need more space. They love having friends over and friends who sleep over. In today’s space crunch scenario, you’ve got to maximize whatever little space you have to get the best out of it. This is where corner beds come in handy.

Corner beds with attractive comforters thrown on them makes for an appealing and friendly room for children. Children love animal prints. A giraffe comforter like the one from Sweet JoJo Designs in off white is very functional and stylish. It comes as a 4-piece twin size bedding set in 100% cotton and is ideal for a corner bed. The giraffe comforter blends soft colors like taupe and off white that looks very trendy in a child’s/teen’s room. The comforter is lightweight with giraffe pattern. The set includes a standard sham, bedskirt and window valance.

giraffe comforterCorner beds or a corner group bed can save a tremendous amount of space in a room. The beds act as a double bed without occupying the space of a double bed. La-Fete L-Roll corner bolsters act as back rests for a cot and can be grouped together to create a cross. If you’re handy with tools, you can make your own corner bed. You can combine two twin beds along with a corner unit and hutch and use them with bolsters to make a corner bed unit. Or you can get them made as console units so that the beds can slide in and out. Throw an attractive comforter on it and you have your corner group bed without overcrowding the room.

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