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At some point and time in every woman’s life, she’s wanted curly hair. Maybe the desire struck her after seeing any movie featuring a Disney Princess (seriously have you noticed that all those women have curly/wavy hair at one point? Are woodland/sea creatures the secret to perfect curls?) one too many times or maybe it was her senior prom dress that inspired a need for curls, but either way we’ve all wanted them. Wanting them is easy, creating them not so much, that is until now. Ladies, I’m giving you the 101 on hair rollers so you can create all the bouncy, full of life, big, small, wavy, pin curls you could ever imagine.

On a roll

Hot Rollers- Hot rollers are definitely for the woman on the go because these rollers mix the power of a hot tool and the multi-tasking power of a roller. Think about it, these baby’s give you the heat you need for a faster curl and yet you’re not stuck to a curling iron. Once those beauties are set and clipped in you can go about the rest of your morning and then take them out right before you need to leave. If you’ve never used hot rollers before I recommend practicing setting them cold, you definitely don’t want to burn yourself with these.

Steam Rollers- This is one of the newest types of curling technology. Like a hot roller, they use heat to curl your hair. However, you fill these rollers with water and then heat them. Many women like these rollers better because too much dry heat can damage your hair and these use a steam effect to heat and hydrate your hair. One brand that is extremely popular is Caruso Steam Hairsetter, this set comes with 30 rollers for the curl sizes you could ever want.

Foam Rollers- You want to use foam rollers when you don’t have time to your hair the morning of an event. Foam rollers have been around for decades, woman would do their hair at night and take it down in the morning. Make sure to use with a curl enhancing spray to get the best longest lasting curls. Also, if you can use sponge foam rollers for damp hair, wash it at night, roll it up before bed and wake up with clean, curly hair.

Satin Covered Rollers- If you have delicate or fragile hair or if you already have curly/frizzy hair these are for you. The satin coating on the rollers will keep your hair from being broken or damaged during the curling process. Also for those of you lucky enough to have curly hair, these rollers will help your curls to be more defined and will cut down on the frizz. You can use these rollers with dry or damp hair.

Let us know how these rollers worked for you with comments and pictures below!

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