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First sold in 1928, sliced bread has made its way into homes worldwide due to the convenience factor that sandwiches were quicker to make and you could pop in a slice of bread into a toaster with ease to make toast. This great invention aside, there is nothing more satisfying than pulling out a fresh baked loaf of bread from the oven that you had just spent the past 5+ hours of putting your back into kneading, waiting for the yeast to rise, only for it to deflate and then rise again; yes the process can be grueling but we can’t emphasize enough the satisfaction you’ll feel and not to mention an incomparably delicious loaf of bread your taste buds will thank you for. 

After the bread baking process comes the best part, the bread enjoying process. With this loaf you can use a bread slicer to divide it up into individual slices, or you can eat it how the French do, simply tearing off pieces with your hands.

However, there’s no denying the convenience of utensils that slice food. They also help with display presentation, such as mandoline slicers, which cut vegetables into long thing strips. And do not fear, even non-professional and casual cooks use this handy tool, great for a stir fry where each slice will cook in the about the same amount of time since the slices are all the same thickness, which you typically wouldn’t have if cutting the vegetables yourself.

For more information on a breakdown comparison between whether it makes more sense for you to use a slicer or a knife, be sure to check out our earlier post, “Home bread slicer vs. Knives”. Also if you are a bread lover yourself, or know someone who is, our post “Bread accessories for the bread lover” has a lot of information about different bread making and consuming tools.

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