How to decorate your entryway


brass umbrella stand, black coat rack

There’s an area of the home that often gets overlooked when decorating. Unfortunately, that happens to be the entryway of your home. Which is disappointing because people tend to underestimate the power that the entryway has. It’s the first room that people see of your home so it should make a statement. Keep reading to see how you can update and completely makeover your entryway.

One of the first few things that we suggest to do when it comes to updating an area of your home is to give it a new coat of paint. A color that would really liven up the area is a bold red; it invites your guest inside and beckons them to enter further. Placing in a piece of furniture like a small end table or a black coat rack is both practical for you and also for your guests as well.

Another idea is to buy a runner. Runners naturally extend hallways, so by placing these on the ground, it can create a sense of warmth and pleases the eyes. But what if you don’t want a runner? Well our simple idea is to paint the floor instead. We know it sounds crazy, but it’s a creative way to still have the aspect of elongating the hallway but it can cover up any scratches or scuffs. It allows more freedom as well too because there are hundreds of different types of paint out there.

Something else to keep in mind is to place in hanging wall art along the walls of your entryway too. Putting in something like a shadow box that represents your family is one idea, and maybe taking some leftover wallpaper to place in a frame is another great way have fun with decorating.

If you’re worried about all the room that you’re taking up in hall closet, you might want to consider getting something like a brass umbrella stand. These are wonderful because of you live in a chillier climate that gets lots of rain then you can easily keep them out in the open for easy access. There’s lots of different types of umbrella stands out there, so chose carefully.

That about does it for updating your entryway with style, what are some of your favorite entryway additions? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Jessamine Casia

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