How to find your perfect jeans style


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Jeans, jeans, and more jeans! Jeans can never go out of fashion. However, wearing the right kind of jeans to suit your body type is way more important than opting for a pair of jeans just because they’re the latest in fashion.

Whether you love skinny jeans, boyfriend style jeans, or carrot style jeans, there are few rules of thumb to keep in mind when choosing your best fit.

  • First off, never go by the name of the jeans. You really don’t need to be thin to wear skinny jeans. Similarly, you do not need to be in a relationship to put on boyfriend jeans, nor have a carrot like body to wear carrot jeans!
  • Second most important thing is to be mindful of your curves: the tighter the fit of your jeans, the more your curves are going to be revealed. Go for a form fitting straight leg, rather than a tight one, if you do not want to show your curves.
  • Make sure you are not wearing excessively loose jeans as well, it will add bulk and make you appear larger than you actually are.
  • Carrot jeans are form fit at the top and taper into a narrow leg at the bottom, so they are good for both women with or without curves. These highlight the curves and yet narrow the leg.

What to wear with various styles of jeans

The most important is that you must know how to balance your outfit. If your top is well fitted, then you should go for looser fitting or boot-cut jeans since they are neither loose nor tight. If your trousers are tight then go for looser tops. With very tight jeans, wear long and floating tops. I got for myself  a straight-leg pair of  cropped Jag jeans to sport along with some of my favorite loose fitting thumbhole shirts. They accomplish the trendy casual chic look.

With carrot style jeans or boyfriend style jeans, wear a tight fitting top that shouldn’t be longer than your hips. Longer tops with boyfriend style jeans will make you appear shorter.


With skinny jeans you can either wear a heel or flats. If you want to wear heels with boot-cut jeans or jeans with more of a flair around the leg you should make sure that they are long enough and do not become high-waters.You can opt for flats with  boyfriend style or carrot style jeans. You can also go for more variety with military boots, Cowboy boots, and UGG-style boots.

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