How to keep your indoor and outdoor cat protected


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Cats love to explore different places. They walk around the house and explore it. Their curious nature may take them to places outside the house. Therefore, it is important to take important measures in order to protect your cat. Here are some tips which will help you keep your cat safe. You can use these tips to protect your dog as well.

  • Keep your cat away from some specific household items

Some household items can be life-threatening for your cat because they are toxic. For instance mothballs, potpourri oils and automatic dish detergents can be harmful for your cat. Batteries can really harm your cat because these little containers contain acids or alkali. Therefore, you must keep your cat away from all these household things.

  • Buy a heart guard

A heart guard can protect your cat from heartworm. Along with a heart guard, you can pick Frontline Plus Pipettes from an online store. The frontlineplus cats formula can keep your cat free of pests. It is actually more effectively than the regular frontline formula. It comes with a fast acting formula that kills fleas, their eggs and larvae. It also kills major type of ticks. It is a waterproof formula that provides protection to your cat for three months. If you love an outdoor cat and want it to stay clean then the Frontline Plus 3 pack can protect her as well. You can use Frontline Plus cat 3 doses for an indoor or an outdoor cat.

  • Bond with your cat

Developing a strong bond with your cat will help you keep her close to you. Once you bond with her, you can train her for various things. This will definitely keep her safe. This way, you will be able to stop her from going too far from the house or in an unsafe zone. You can try and play some games with your cat. Buy super balls, a laser pointer and catnip mice from a pet store. Afterwards, just sit and watch your cat’s cute show!

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