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video camera light, panasonic adapter

One of the most fun classes that you can take in college is a film class. They teach you all the knowledge that you would need to prepare yourself for making a movie. Making short films isn’t that difficult and it is one of the first steps towards bigger things. Apart from your cast you are going to need some equipment. Here are a few things you would require when making your short film.

One of the very first things you would need would be a good video camera. Getting a good video camera with good features is essential as you can get creative with it. Among the reasonably priced camcorders available, the Sony HDR-FX7 High Definition Camcorder would be a great option. This camcorder will allow you to capture crystal clear videos thanks to the 3 CMOS ClearVID Sensors it possesses.  This video camera has the ability to capture full HD video (1080i). It also features 20x optical zoom so your videos don’t blur out when you zoom in. Panasonic

Once you’ve got yourself a camcorder you are going to need video camera light as well. Getting a camcorder light is essential in case you are planning to shoot in low light conditions. Most camcorders do come with their own lighting kit but in case they don’t it would be a good idea to get one. The Sony HVL-20DW2 10 Watt & 20 Watt Dual Video Light would be a great option to have. This light shines either 20 watts or 10 watts depending on how much lighting you need. This camcorder light is perfect for shooting in dark areas. These cameras come with battery packs which can keep your light on for about 1200 minutes. The best part about this camcorder is the fact that it works great with about 140 different Sony cameras.

Once you’ve got the camera sorted you would require getting yourself a tripod. A tripod is vital to any aspiring film maker. Using tripods have many benefits such as increasing or decreasing motion blur, getting a sharp focus while shooting etc. Tripods are a long term investment. A fairly good tripod would definitely outlive your video camera if taken care of. In addition to all that you would also require things like adapters and converters for your video camera. Panasonic does include a Panasonic adapter and converter but it would be better to have a spare of all the cables and converters just in case. Once you’ve got all that you are set to make your very own short film.

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