How to make your kitchen more energy efficient


Bosch dishwashers, dish drying rack

Being green isn’t just a trendy fad anymore. It is our duty to conserve the environment and opt for green solutions. The idea is to incorporate eco-friendly gadgets and appliances in our everyday life. And this includes the kitchen. Believe it or not but the kitchen is one of the most unfriendly and hostile environments when it comes to conserving energy.

Your regular washing machines, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher consumes a lot of electricity. So it makes sense to invest in energy efficient appliances that help to conserve energy and in turn reduce your utility bills too. For instance, Bosch dishwashers are also known for their superior use of technology that can both wash dishes efficiently but also use less water.

This is a great way to be green in the kitchen. Check out this Bosch Evolution 300 SHE43P26UC 24″ full console built-in dishwasher. It has 4 wash cycles, 14 place settings and triple filtration system along with 52 dBA silence rating. The black color is easy to clean and maintain too. Of course, it looks stylish too.

Dish drying rackAlong with this, opt for a dish drying rack to save money on water and energy from washing dishes. Why do you need to invest in a dish dryer that uses electricity when this drying rack is just as effective. All that you have to do is put up the dishes on the rack and simply let the water evaporate on its own. Running the dishwasher everyday consumes a lot of electricity, but if you space it out and designate certain dishes to hand wash then you can save energy and money on the electricity bill.

A dish drying rack fits conveniently next to the sink. Check out this West Elm full circle, foldable dish rack that has its fold-down tines, which let you dry any type of bowl, pot, pan or glassware. The drain tray doubles a glass-drying tray and it also features a silicone stopper keeps water from running out of the rack.

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