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toro snowblower, ice melter

Winter can be unadulterated fun provided somebody takes care of the snow for me. If somebody could clear the snow and ice off my driveway, porch and other areas, I would count myself blessed. But luckily I have found some effective ways to do that quickly and efficiently. The trick lies in not letting the snow or ice accumulate and make the task more difficult. Take a look at how you can do this:

Toro snowblower

Like I said, get on to the job before you have to plough through mounds of snow and ice. Blow it off efficiently with a Toro snow blower. The Toro snow blower has a Power Propel system. The self-propel system, in a continuous motion, contacts the ground and propels the unit forward while clearing away snow right down to the pavement. You can change the angle of the thrown snow with the locking Zip deflector that locks it at that angle to prevent it moving. It has variable speed transmission to let you throw snow at different conditions.

Be careful about blowing snow into one big mound. You will need to pile up the snow and ice into different piles. Avoid heaping it all against the house as you could have a problem when the snow and ice start melting. Avoid blowing snow at buildings and vehicles parked in the driveway as the snow blower sometimes also picks up small rocks. Be methodical and use the Toro snow blower in the direction of the wind to blow away the snow.

Ice melter

Use 20lb. Bucket Snow and Ice Melter that is very effective. You can use it on steps, driveways, porches and other concrete areas. It effectively melts snow and ice as it contains Mag Melt that’s a corrosion inhibitor as well as potash, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride. It has the ability to melt snow and ice through -15 deg F temperatures.

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