Huffy bikes make great green holiday gifts for children


Huffy Bikes

As Eco- friendly people you want to make sure that all the gifts you give this holiday season are not only thoughtful but are also something that impacts the earth in a positive way. Now, when giving gifts to children this can be difficult because finding green toys can quite difficult. That’s why this holiday season you should consider giving the child in your life a bicycle, and with so many different styles, colors, and models Huffy bikes are sure to impress!

Learning to ride a bike is an important part of any childhood, and it’s also a sustainable form of transportation. Introducing a love for sustainable products at a young age is a smart step for any green parent. Not only is bike riding great for the earth, it’s also a healthy form of exercise for the little one in your life. Just think, with all the holiday goodies you’ll be serving, letting the kiddos zoom up and down the block would be a great way to burn off that sugar high.

Huffy Bikes for girls

This enchanting Huffy 16 inch Disney Princess Bike with Carriage will be sure to please even the littlest majesty. The little princess in your life will delight in rolling up and down the block in her very own princess bike. She can bring all her favorite loyal subjects with her in her Cinderella inspired Carriage basket. Don’t expect her to be home early when she’s out on this bike, after all she does have a kingdom to manage.

Huffy Bikes for boys

This adorable Huffy 16 inch Disney’s Cars bike will be sure to have your little man racing like Lighting McQueen in no time! This bike set includes a racing pack, complete with racing cones, classic checkered flag, and finish line cones. He’ll love zooming up and down the block with all his friends in their very own Piston Cup! Get ready to have a little speedster in your family.


If you give the child in your life a Huffy bike for the holidays be sure to tell how much they loved them with comments below! Happy peddling!

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