How to listen to music on your iPhone when you’re home alone


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Since the release of the iPhone in 2008 it has slowly become into the center for all your media. With its growth in popularity there have been many accessories such as speaker docks which strengthen its case for your media center. Let us take a look at a few speaker docks which you could use for your iPhone.

When you are alone at home there is always a tendency to listen to music at high volumes. Regular speaker docks for iPhones don’t handle high volumes very well and often offer distorted output at high volumes. Among the powerful iPhone docks available the ones from iHome are one of the best. The iHome iP1 Studio Series iPod speaker system is one of the best ones available. This iHome iPod dock is the perfect center for all your media.

The iPhone/iPod dock features the Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station to bring the near perfect sound quality you crave for. This coupled along with two 4 inch woofers and two 1 inch tweeters will ensure your will hear every little note. In addition to that you also have a fully functional remote so you don’t have to get up just to change a song.

This iPod dock also features a line in jack so you can connect other media devices. It also features a composite and component video output so you can display video content on your iPod on to a large screen TV. This iPhone speaker system is perfect for listening to music at home. It is even great if you have a few friends over for a get-together.

If you are looking for a more powerful iPhone docking station with speakers then the Pyle iPod Docking Station would be a good option. This speaker system with an iPhone dock is one of the most powerful ones you will find. This tower designed speaker system features two 150 watt speakers and a 300 watt 8 inch subwoofer. It also features a 2.1 channel amplifier which will give you great detail and control. The wooden construction helps in improving the output and adding to the décor of your room. Lastly it features an auxiliary input so you can connect other media devices as well. This is a great iPod/iPhone speaker system for parties.

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