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In today’s busy and hectic lifestyle it does get difficult to go to a gym and have a good workout. This is why a lot of people get a lot of exercise equipment and have a good workout at the luxury of their home. Here are a few things you would require to get a great workout from home.

One of the first things you would require to get a good workout would be a stationary bike. A stationary bike would give you a good cardio workout. Among the stationary bikes available the Ironman stationary bikes would be your best option. The 1615 Ironman stationary bike is one of the most durable exercise stationary bikes around. This bike features a fully adjustable seat to keep you comfortable while working out. This bike is very well designed and it provides you with a smooth and quite workout.

The display unit of this exercise bike is quite large and easy to read. The screen displays things like speed and distance to calories and heart rate so you can manage your work out effectively. In addition to all that this exercise bike also features 12 pre-set exercise programs which will help you increase your fitness. This exercise stationary bike also features about 16 levels of resistance. This will ensure that you will always get a tough workout no matter what fitness level you are at.

The next thing you would require would be a treadmill, bike can get you only fitness up to a certain level beyond that you would need a treadmill for the full cardio workout. If you are looking for a powerful heavy duty treadmill then the ones from Livestrong would be your best bet. Livestrong treadmill bike and elliptical machines are one of the most durable and tough ones you will find. The Livestrong LSPRO1 features a 3.0 horse power continuous motor which runs quietly at any given pace. They feature about 23 workout programs so you don’t get bored via a monotonous workout. You can change up speed intervals or create a mountain climb or even run a 5K marathon. Overall this is a great treadmill to have at your home to give you that solid cardio workout.

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