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Italian Wine Glasses

In Italy, wine is more than a beverage. It is a way of life, a religion, a passion, it is a culture. Wine in Italy is a full time job and a lifestyle. Don’t you wish you could bring that same passion for vino into your home? Well now you can, with the right bottle of Italian red wine and the right Italian wine glasses, you can drink just like the Italians do.

Red Wine Glasses:

When you’re drinking red wine you want to make sure you’re drinking out of a red wine glass because these glasses are made to make your taste wine better (awesome, right?). Whether or not you believe the “glass changing flavor hype”, don’t chance it. Red wine glasses are very simple, there are three major categories of red wine glasses and once you know them you can buy the glass that suits your taste of wine.

Table Wine glass:

This glass looks like an American juice glass. Italian Table wine is a mellow, smooth red wine that would be served in the afternoons and evenings or served with a meal if there is no specific wine pairing. The British do afternoon tea, the Italians we do afternoon wine.

Bordeaux glass:

This glass has a tall stem and broad bowl. These glasses are designed to hold your fuller bodied reds like a Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah’s. These glasses actually direct your wine toward the back of the mouth to allow the tannins to distribute on your tongue more evenly.

Burgundy glass:

This glass is as a tall as a Bordeaux glass but it has a much bigger bowl to collect the aromas of more delicate and lighter reds such as a Pinot Noir. This kind of glasses forces your nose into it, so you can smell wine and it also guides the wine to the tip of your tongue.

In Italy wine is also about bringing people together. I mean just think about the amount of people it takes to make a single bottle, if that’s not team work, what is? So invite over your friends and family, open a bottle or two of good red wine and enjoy your new Italian wine glasses.

Cheers or as we Italians say, Salute!

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