Romantic jewelry armoires, chests, and boxes


jewelry armoire, wooden jewelry boxes, wooden chest

Jewelry is any woman’s passion. Having yet another piece of jewelry is always a welcoming idea. Obviously, owing such precious pieces need the right storage as well. There are various jewelry boxes, chests and armoires that can be used as beautiful storage items. Let us see which one you would like to own:

Jewelry armoire. These are beautiful pieces of furniture where you can keep your jewelry and also add to the decor and style of a room. Owners of a jewelry armoires not only love their jewelry but also showcase that they are  serious and prodigious collector of it. There are several designs in which you can have them. For example, ornate, classically carved, painted or sleek, simple and modern. Whatever may the design, a jewelry armoire signifies that the person takes their jewelry storage seriously. Jewelry armoire is a royalty item made of the finest woods and crafted with impeccable care. That is why this is a perfect gift for someone you really love.

Wooden jewelry boxes. Of all material possessions, jewelry is most valuable for a man. Therefore keeping them with utmost care needs proper storage and protection. To complement these valuable possessions, wooden jewelry boxes were created. They not only provide a more charming but also a more organized storage. The versatility of wooden jewelry boxes make them an ideal gift.
This modern storage furniture piece offers enough hooks, drawers and dividers for your fancy jewelry pieces. Right from necklaces and bracelets, to rings, cuff links and pendants, these jewelry boxes offers an ideal repository or a one-spot storage for your most cherished possessions.

Jewelry chests.  People use jewelry chests to keep more jewelry. In most cases these chests are cherished heirlooms that have come from one generation to the other. In fact these chests are as beautiful as the jewelry itself. And you can have them in various finishes of cherry, maple and burl wood and mahogany. They are bigger than 12 inches and can even be locked. These chests come with a lining of satin, silk or velvet that looks luxurious. The price of the chest goes higher with the intricacy of carving and quality of lining. These indeed serve as most aesthetic pieces in your house.

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