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Getting the right pair of bowling shoes is quite tricky if you haven’t bought one before. This is possibly due to the fact that most bowling alleys usually provide you with bowling shoes. If you are a regular bowler I am sure you would want to get a bowling shoe that meets your preferences rather than the general ones available at the alleys.

There are basically two types of bowling shoes available. They are performance and athletic styled bowling shoes. Athletic styled bowling shoes just look like any other sports shoe but are custom made for bowling. Athletic styled bowling shoes feature a sliding sole on both shoes. This is quite good for beginning bowlers and for those of you who don’t bowl very regularly. Performance bowling shoes as the name suggests is designed to help you perform better. They are usually worn by serious and regular bowlers. Performance bowling shoes are designed specifically for right-handed or left-handed bowlers. This is because of the fact that one bowling shoe is for sliding, and the other is for braking. A right-handed bowler will have the left shoe as the sliding shoe and the right one as the breaking shoe.

Dexter and Kangaroo bowling shoes are one of the most popular ones around. The Dexter Mens SST 5 LX bowling shoe is one of the most popular ones around. These bowling shoes features Dexter’s superior slide and traction technology which will let you achieve the sliding and breaking which is best suited to your game play. The Pittards Lightning Leather and the Stitch-down construction give you a blend of durability and comfort. The Blucher upper pattern gives you an adjustable fit to keep you comfortable. This shoe also features an EVA midsole for stability and cushioned support.

Once you’ve got yourself a good pair of shoes you would also require a good bag to carry your bowling shoes to the alley. Bowling bags with wheels are perhaps the most convenient ones you can get. Thanks to their wheels it becomes very convenient to carry your bowling ball, shoes and gloves around.

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