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Lacrosse is quite a popular sport at the college level and is played at quite a few colleges. There are about 63 sanctioned NCAA lacrosse teams currently active in America. Lacrosse is not an easy sport as it seems and it does require quite a bit of equipment. Here are a few things you would need before the new season begins.

One of the first things you would need would be your crosse stick. This is quite tricky as the crosse stick is regulated by the USLA and the NCAA to ensure there is no unfair advantage. For men, the short crosse stick must be between 40 and 42 inches and the long crosse stick must be between 52 and 72 inches. The goalie’s crosse stick must be between 40 and 72 inches long. For women the crosse must be between 35.5 and 43.25 inches, while the goalie‘s crosse can be up to 48 inches. The material used in making the crosse stick is also regulated. The handle of the stick can be made from a composite metal alloy. All other parts however must be made of wood, laminated wood or a synthetic material such as plastic or fiberglass.

The next thing you would have to get would be your safety equipment. You would require a mouth-guard to protect the teeth and frontal part of your face, and a helmet to keep your head protected against impact. The Nike lacrosse helmet happens to be one of the most popular ones around. They are one of the most comfortable and lightweight ones you will find. They also feature a custom fit option which helps fit on different head shapes and sizes.

Once you’ve got your helmet it is time to get some practice equipment. The first thing you would need is the lacrosse ball. According to the UCLA and the NCAA the ball should be between 7.75 and 8 inches in total circumference and between 5 and 5-1/4 ounces in weight. The colors of these lacrosse balls are restricted to white, orange, yellow or lime green. In addition to the ball you could get yourself a lacrosse rebounder so you could have target practice.  These rebounders are great to set up in a back yard and will help you improve your game.

Last but not the least you would need to consider getting good lacrosse footwear. Traction is quite important in lacrosse as you would have to make quick turns and stops. Getting the right footwear depends on the playing surface. Usually for field lacrosse having soft cleats with spikes would be a good idea. Rubber or hard plastic spikes are usually preferred.

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