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Being a woman myself, I know what it means to have diamonds and shoes! Well, they are any woman’s passions.
Most women love to have more pairs of shoes than they can count. There is a wide variety of women’s footwear. While there are ones with high heels, there are others that keep you low on ground. The high fashioned high heels seem to be good but perhaps are not very comfy for your feet. On the other hand there are footwear that are no less in their appearance or fashion appeal but definitely are feet friendly. Let us check some of such comfy shoes.

Oxford shoes:
These basic lace up shoes have picked up their rapport as fun shoes. Women can select a number of styles and colors in this section of shoes. There are fashion oxfords, hiking oxfords, professional oxfords, comfort oxfords and the casual saddle shoes. Ladies oxford shoes are also available for those who indulge in sports. These come with cushion insoles. If your type is more of versatile and rugged, then you must check for hiking oxfords.

Ballet shoes:
Originally used just for ballet, these shoes have recently taken up quite well in the world of fashion. These are very comfortable and versatile shoes. You can actually ‘have a field day’ while being best in your style and fashion quo. These are simple shoes to find and they come in a great variety of styles and fabulous colors too.

Flats are mostly close-toed shoes. They prove to be great choice for those women who want style while comforting their foot problems. These comfort womens shoes generally do not have heels. And if they have, they wouldn’t cause pain to the foot. Many of these also have room to fit in an insert. These simple and elegant shoes come in a wide range that can satisfy the needs of girls and ladies of all ages.

Mary Janes:
While the above mentioned ballet and flats are fairly flat and leveled, Mary Janes begin to have a bit of rise. These come with a bit of incline of about two inches at the back. But they are so comfy that you can be in them for your entire day. You can have them in several styles right from laid-back to professional looking designs.

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