How to enjoy your backyard even in the winter


leaf vacuum, cast iron chiminea

Do you avoid spending evenings in your backyard because of the cold? Well it is time to get some items that make your backyard a cozier place to hang out even during the winters. First things first, get rid of all those rusty leaves and dirt accumulated during the fall. Get a leaf vacuum to keep the backyard clear of leaves and other clutter.

Once the backyard is cleaner, you will feel like going out there more and spend some time relaxing with friends over a warm cup of coffee. You can lounge around in your patio furniture by making it more winter-friendly. Keep a blanket handy so that you can cuddle up there for an afternoon siesta or read a book.

A cast iron chiminea is a good way to stay warm in their backyard and you can use it for social gatherings even if it’s cold. Basically the chiminea is a freestanding fireplace or oven, which comes with a front load. It has a bulbous body and vents out smoke vertically. Check out this Esschert designed one that is perfect for small patios and porches.

You can add plenty of antique-style charm and cozy warmth with this heavy-duty cast iron finished in rich black. The wood-burning heater has an open stove and short capped pipe for clean burning. The rounded shape adds to the vintage flair with its smooth trim and angled legs.

Get a compact and utile heater for the patio. These can be placed on the ceiling to save some space, while providing you with the required heating. It makes sense to get one of these to hang out with friends outside on colder days and also to make the backyard more usable for the fall and winter months.

So go ahead and enjoy your evenings on the patio even during the colder months.

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