This year try a nautical themed Christmas


Lighthouse Ornaments

If you live somewhere coastal and warm or if you’ll be celebrating Christmas from somewhere warm, sunny, and near a beach why not have a nautical themed Christmas? Let’s be real the same red and green every year can get a little boring, I’m not saying stomp on tradition but let’s try something new.

Under the Sea Tree

Christmas is all about the tree, so let’s start the nautical theme here:

  • Classically, nautical colors are blue, white, and gold, so start by wrapping your tree in color appropriate lights.
  • Hang some of your traditional ornaments and then its time to add some nautical touches. Try using lighthouse ornaments, seashell ornaments, and blue, silver, and gold ball ornaments.
  • If you don’t want to use too many lights this year, you can opt for white lights and then use some netting to drape over your tree like a fisherman’s net.
  • Or if you really want to go for a throwback look, instead of stringing popcorn garlands for your tree, string together some seashells that you find on the beach.
  • Wrap all the gifts in blue, white, gold, or silver paper with color coordinated bows.
  • Instead of a classic door wreath made of Christmas tree broughs, try a drift wood or wine cork wreathe that you can add seashells to. If that’s too beachy for you, you could try this Floral Treasure Nautical Wreath.

SEAsonal Tablescapes

Instead of the traditional green and red tablescape you layout every year, this year enhance your nautical or beach themed Christmas with a nautical tablescape. Here are some tips:

  • Along with your traditional Christmas meal, try and incorporate some of the local flavors into your dishes. If you’re celebrating Christmas near the water try serving some fish or shellfish with the meal or an appetizer.
  • Use a white tablecloth with either a navy blue or red table runner, these will create the perfect background for your tablescape.
  • Try using white dishes or if you can find them white dishes with a navy rim, using these simple dishes will let your  food will be the real star of the table.
  • Use silver or gold toned silverware; these colors automatically go with the nautical theme and will add a touch of class to your meal.
  • Give the kids blue tinted glasses, they’ll feel even more under the sea with their water, milk, or apple juice tinted ocean blue.
  • For the adults serve the wine or water in classic wine glasses with a gold rim, the gold will add yet another layer of sophistication to your table.
  • Use only white candles on your table and for extra decoration try filling short vases with seashells. I would not recommend adding sand to these vases in case there’s a spill. Seashells you can pick out of your mashed potatoes, sand you cannot.
  • Don’t crowd the table with decorations. You want to make sure that you and your guests can eat comfortably at the table without the fear of knocking something over.
  • Before you bring the food to the table, test your tablescape to make sure that all your food platters fit on the table as well as the décor.

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