What you need to listen to music in your car


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When you are on a long drive, listening to music would be the best ways to relax and entertain yourself. To listen to music with good sound quality you would have to install a few things in your car. Here are a few things you would require to listen to music in your car.

One of the first things you would require to listen to music in your car would be a media player or an in-dash receiver. The in-dash players from Pioneer are one of the best ones around. They offer features like Bluetooth Streaming and video playback. The Pioneer Avh-p3400bh is one of the best in-dash audio receivers around. This unit has AM/FM and internet radio capabilities thanks to the Pandora receiver. The complete two way control when connected to your iPod makes things convenient. This receiver also features a built-in 4 channel amplifier in case you don’t plan to buy a separate one.

Once you’ve got yourself a receiver it is time to get your hands on a good set of speakers. Speakers are one of the most important components in your audio system. Among the speakers that you would use the most important of them would be your subwoofer. It is responsible for low frequency sounds and for producing that thunderous bass. The JBL PB speakers happen to be one of the best ones available.

The JBL PB1220 is one of the best subwoofers available. This 12 inch subwoofer gives you an output of about 400 watts RMS and about 1600 watts of peak power. This subwoofer is great for listening to music for long hours thanks to the cast aluminum heat sink which doesn’t let things get too hot. The box is designed in such a perfect way to give you the tight and precise bass you always craved for.

Once you’ve got your speakers it is time you get a good amplifier for them as well. An amplifier is quite essential as it is responsible for getting the sufficient power to your speakers. You should always get an amplifier based on the outputs of your speakers. It would be pointless buying high powered speakers when your amplifier wouldn’t be able to supply the power to it. The amplifiers from Diesel audio and Rockford Fosgate happen to be the best ones available.

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